Why You Should Send a Follow-Up Email After A Job Interview

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Sending a thank-you email after a job interview is not only a nice thing to do, but also a very important thing to do. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to do that after my last job interview so now I have to sit and wonder if that email could have made the difference between me getting the job or not. For those of you who are not convinced in the powers of a post-interview email, here are 5 reasons why you should send one:

1) It opens the door for future communication

Even if you don’t receive the position that you were interviewing for, now you have established a connection that goes past your initial Q&A event. Emphasizing the fact that you are willing to work on future company endeavors will allow a hiring manager to keep you in mind for upcoming job openings, as well as other possible opportunities. This can also make you appear more open to creating connections, which is always a good thing.

2) It’s the polite thing to do

Manners can help get you just about anywhere, so don’t forget to use them before and after your interview. Yes, shaking hands and thanking your interviewer is a good way to end your interview, but sending an email within the next 24hrs after your interview will help to really highlight the fact that you appreciated the time that you were given. Interviews are never guaranteed, so it’s good to show a little gratitude for the one that you were offered.

3) If you have any concerns or questions that you forgot to ask, now is your chance

Being human means being forgetful, and sometimes being forgetful means that you forgot to ask a question that could mean the difference between whether or not you accept a job offer. In order to avoid taking a job that might not be the perfect fit for you, make sure to address any questions or concerns in a timely manner before it’s too late. Asking for clarification won’t make you look bad, if anything it shows initiative and that you are not afraid of admitting to mistakes.

4) Not every job requires one, but every job could use one

Sending a thank-you email is never a bad idea, but I agree it can seem like overkill to send one if you are applying for the host position at a local restaurant. However, whenever you are applying to an internship position or any job that isn’t some part-time, summer-only opportunity then you should most definitely send one. Competitive jobs require competitive people, which means that in order to stay ahead of the competition you should really think about sending a follow-up email.

5) The template to make one is very simple and requires minimal effort

If you’ve ever been forced to write thank-you cards after a birthday party, then you will know how easy it is to crank out a letter expressing your thanks. This email will be even easier than a quick thank-you note though because you don’t have to keep track of which aunt got you which present, so completing this email should be a piece of cake. Plus, there are plenty of templates to use when trying to figure out what to include in your email, so Google has basically written most of it for you.

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Madeline Thomas

Writing intern at Hired By, Ohio University student studying journalism and music production/industry recording, and writer for Odyssey Online.


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