How to Stay Sane While Juggling Multiple Jobs

Whether you need some extra cash, want more experience in a certain field, or can’t find a permanent full-time job, taking on a second (or third) job is never a bad thing. However, some people have a hard time balancing their jobs with the other responsibilities in their lives, which is where things can get very tricky. As a woman who is balancing her at-home responsibilities with her 2 jobs, here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way on how to balance multiple jobs at the same time:

1) Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

I don’t care how you schedule out your day, whether it’s with a planner or your Calendar app on your phone, but I would highly recommend putting all of your events and deadlines in one place. Trying to keep multiple calendars or apps for different things (social events, work, etc.) can get confusing, so your best bet is to write everything down in the same location. That way, you’re less likely to forget about that baby shower which is the same day as your work meeting.

2) Be Realistic with Your Time

No offense, but you’re not Super Woman. Plus, even if you were Super Woman, I’m sure she’d still need to manage her time realistically. Trying to fit 3 days’ worth of work into one just isn’t feasible, so don’t try to stretch yourself thin by doing things like that. Plus, if you’re planning on staying up all day and night to finish things up, well that’s just not a long-term option because eventually you will collapse from exhaustion.

3) Have Reasonable Expectations

I hope you’re prepared for the hardships that lie ahead, because your sleep schedule and free time aren’t going to look like they used to. You’re going to have less time to do household chores or going out to brunch, so understand in advance what you will be giving up for your new job. Unfortunately, your life isn’t like an episode of “Friends” so you won’t be able to go out every night and never fold laundry, especially with a few part-time gigs. It’s going to be manageable, but only if you prepare for it.

4) Communicate with Your Employers

When you go in for an interview for a potential second job, inform your interviewer that you already have a job and plan on keeping it if you are hired at the new company. It’s also important to let your primary employer know if you have been hired elsewhere, because even if you aren’t quitting you will still need to communicate your schedules to both companies. Making sure your schedules don’t clash is a must, but also making sure that you have some time during the week for yourself is also a good idea.

5) Take it Slow

Don’t jump into 4 new internships and jobs at once, or else you’ll end up spiraling into a work-related psychotic break. Instead, give yourself time to adjust to one new endeavor at a time and then go from there. Some people are capable of handling a few different positions, while others may only be able to handle 2 at a time, and both of those cases are okay. The last thing you want to do is bite off more than you can chew, so start small before working your way up the ladder.

Written By

Madeline Thomas

Writing intern at Hired By, Ohio University student studying journalism and music production/industry recording, and writer for Odyssey Online.

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